Have you ever attended events like weddings , gone house hunting, prepared for the big days like birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, alumni parties etc. and you are like “Waaoowww!!!, this is pretty awesome” or “I love this place” or “Who made this thing?. I want one for myself” .
This remarks are based on the interior design of that place. 

    The designing, dressing, changing of looks, that one can create with handy tools either in the bedrooms, kitchen, sitting rooms, or anywhere you think you can create a new look is the interior design of that place. We will talk about designs and decorations that one can do at working place, at home, in school and a whole lot of places later (not now though). 
    You will be surprised at how easy it is to decorate your kitchen, sitting room, dining table or give a sick friend flowers by making your own flower vase but this time with balloons… Surprised yeah?
Just get the things below
  • big size decorated/coloured balloons,
  • bottle/container
  • ribbon (cloth),
  • flowers,
  • scissors.
  • fix in your bottle/container into the big size balloon,
  • ensure the bottle is well fitted into the balloon, stretched out,
  • put in the mouth of the balloon into the bottle,
  • cut of the mouth of the balloon & stick it inside if the mouth is wide,
  • put in the flowers inside the hole,
  • you could as well add the cloth ribbon round the bottle.
  • now you’ve made your own flower vase. 


Having  given you a simple tip of balloon / ribbon design of flower vases.
    Let’s see what you’ve got friend….



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