I’ve had glittery imagination of my house for a while now.
Then, I started thinking of how to make the glittery deco real and stop imagining… I’m sure everyone could have had that imagination especially the girls…. No one has to wait till you decide to decorate your home in glowing colors. Houses can be complete with the transition of a fully decorated jar-piece. This is something everyone will love (I hope)…. Imagine he family’s face when they see this… I had this expression too when I saw this…. “waowwwwww, this is amazing” I said.


Here is how to make this amazing DIY deco.


  • jar
  • glow sticks of favorite colors
  • scissors
  • rubber gloves
  • glitters

How to make it

  • put on a rubber glove
  • get the glow stick and shake so it get mixed up
  • then cut the glow stick into half carefully
  • empty the glow stick into the jar (if using more than one repeat the steps)
  • add glitters of any colour…. I love silver glitter
  • add a filler (net like) into the jar to make the glitter look suspended
  • close the jar and shake the jar
  • one could decorate the jar by placing fancy stickers.

Now turn off the light and watch them glow… And that’s it! 

What do you think?



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