I just heard this and it broke my heart to find out that there are still people like this in this world?
There are so many ways to discipline a child like beat, ground, scold, seize somethings from them but to humiliate them and rub them of their pride is very bad and uncalled for.

I usually don’t post gossip materials but I had to post this. Today a man who happens to be the father of a teenage girl in Ebonyi state, Nigeria posted a video of his secondary school teenage daughter naked. It was discovered that the father walked into the house and saw her having sex with a guy. Instead of him to scold her, beat and punish her, what he considered as the best way of punishing her was not so good after all.

He stripped her off her clothes and videoed her naked while beating her. Funny enough he didn’t do it alone, other people boys actually happened to be there.

What has this man done to this girl? How will she be able to face her friends in school? Is this man really her father or her step-father? Even if he is her step father, so what? These are the questions that have been asked by people? This man has destroyed this girls life forever.

How about the mother? How will she feel? Is she even alive? Where was she when this took place? How will she face her husband and daughter? Will things ever go back to normal after this?

Link below:
Is this the best way to discipline a child?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. beyond color says:

    That sound horrible!


    1. i know right.. Was so upset when I read this


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