Hey everyone, its Friday…. Whop whop.. I am so glad.. Its not like anything is going to happen (at least as long as I know). Anyways today I’ll be sharing a couple of ways to wear your checkered shirt. I have this friend who is a go crazy for it. I like them too but I am not a go crazy for it.

Outfit: A plaid midi skirt with a checkered shirt.
The navy blue skirt is definitely a go for the dark blue, red and white checkered shirt. I love it.
Outfit: Leather skirt, pointed shoes and checkered shirt.
Khloe’s outfit is lovely. It is suitable for meetings and go. I like the outfit. It portrays confidence and boldness. It’s a must try outfit for me.
Outfit: Jean hat and  trouser, white top, chain bag, lopped earrings,  checkered shirt.
Jessica Alba’s outfit is simple, and suitable for shopping. It looks like she actually just came back from the mall with the shopping bag on her shoulder. It’s a go for shopping especially when its sunny.
Outfit: Slit maxi skirt, denim jean jacket, strap bag and checkered shirt.

Karin Aldrich definitely killed this one. I love this outfit. Its most suitable for Fridays, classes, outings like the movies. Its really something I am going to try when I get my maxi skirt.

Outfit: Mini skirt, white top, blue strap bag and checkered shirt.

We know Kylie is a slay for fashion items with her new clothing line with big sis Kendall. This outfit is suitable for anything except wok I guess like school, outings, parties. Keep slaying Kylie

Other ways they can be worn…..




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