Look Up!!


Hello everyone, today I will be talking about something said by someone like 2 years way back (pretty old. yh?).  Some of you if not most of you may have seen the video were Gary Turk talked about looking up from your phone.

For those who haven’t, He talked about someone who has about 422 friends who you chat with daily but none of them really knows you.

The media we call social is nothing but when we open up computers and shut doors.

All the technology we have is just an illusion, when we step away from this device of delusion all we see is a world of confusion.

A world were we are slaves to the technology we mastered.

A world of self image, self destruction and self promotion

Be there for your friends and they’ll be there too. No one will be there if all you have to do is send messages.

He talked about how people hardly look into each others eyes to tell them how they really feel.

How the means of entertaining children is through an iPad and how children no longer play in parks and climb trees, how there’s no more hopscotch and skipping.

How we are a generation of smart phones and dumb people

So look up from your phone, shut down the display.


Take in your surroundings and  make the most of today. Just one real connection is all it will take to show you the difference of being there

Be there  in the moment where she gives you the look you remember forever, the time when she first held you hands, when she kissed your lips and first disagreed.

The time when you don’t have to tell hundreds what you’ve just done but share the moment with just this one.

The time were  you sell your computer to buy a ring for the girl of your dreams who is now the real thing.

The time when you want to start a family and the moment when you first hold your little girl and fall in love again…..

The time when you wipe your tears as your baby leaves the nest

The time your baby girl returns with a son and calls you grandad and makes you feel old

The time you take all you made by giving all your attention and how glad you didn’t waste it by looking down at some invention

The time when you hold your wife’s hand tell her you love  her and place a kiss upon her head and how she whispers to you quietly how she’s lucky she got stopped by that boy on the street as her heart stops

None of these times ever happened, you never had none of these when your too busy looking down you don’t see the chances you miss


So look up from your phone, shut down those displays.

We have a finite existence a set number of days

Don’t waste you life getting caught in the net cus when the end comes, nothing’s worse but regrets

I am guilty too of these machine where we spend hours together without making contacts

Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined

Go out into the world, leave distractions behind

Look up from your phone, shut down that display!!!

Live life the real way!!!!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Olaitan says:

    Wow. You write so well and relatably. Guess what? I’m reading this and typing this comment while walking. Phones, computers, all of them. Pure distractions.


    1. Lol…. While walking… Be careful..


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