It gets to a stage when you feel bored and automatically restless. When I get bored, it comes alongside with a terrible headache. So to let go of this and regain myself, here are a couple of things I do when bored.

  1. See a movie


This is the first thing I do whenever I am bored. It just takes me away from the present situation and I travel to the movie world engulfing myself in the entire story line. I could “Netflix and chill” or just “Netflixwinks.


2.  Sleep


I sleep when push comes to shove. I love my sleep so much so that when disturbed irrespective of who you are, I can flare up. This is the only time I have the freedom to fantasize about anything like being a Disney princess (kidding). But really this is my own zone.

3.  Look for something to nibble at.


I would I say got this act from my mum. Anytime she’s bored of has nothing doing she’ll call me and be like “do you have anything to nibble at?”.  Most times, I don’t have but when I am bored I begin to look for things in the house to nibble at and it is at this point I become unnecessarily hungry.


4.  Chat with friends

I have this friend  who is not a boring person at all. She always has something to say no matter what (not that she is a chatter box but she keeps good company). When I am bored I chat with her and before you know it we  are arguing like anything. 


So there it is, things I do when bored. What do you do when bored or less busy (if that word applies to you)?. Can’t wait to hear your views.

Have a great weekend everyone.




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  1. Mr.Obeezy says:

    When I am bored, I surf the net for anything… GOOD, BAD AND UGLY



    1. Good is βœ” Bad is βœ– Ugly is βœ–πŸ˜―πŸ˜―βœ–

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    1. OMG!!!!!!! Cassie just commented on my blog…. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
      Let me guess, you are not a movie person


  2. surindernath says:

    When I am bored, I pass it on to others…I write my blog….which is GSDN ( genuine super duper nonsense ) and GSDN is always entertaining. And it works both ways !!

    My audience / readers, feel compelled to eradicate my boredom, otherwise….. more GSDN !!


    1. Glad you have something different that works for you…


  3. Funke olotu says:

    For me I just sleep or eat or read something
    My laptop is bad so I can’t watch any movie and my brothers won’t allow me control the remote, it’s sad and I love your blog look and font incase I’ve not said that



    1. Disadvantage of being the only girl πŸ˜›πŸ˜›. Thanks😊😊😊


  4. gbemmy says:

    I sleep when am bored

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  5. The same things i do..haha..


    1. But i also write down smthng wich is lingering inside my head too..


      1. I do that once in a while

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  6. ckjacob says:

    When i am bored, i try to write something down and if no inspiration, i will eat or sleep!


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  7. Hey, boring sometimes produces great alternatives to busyness, just like you said. Mine is to sit down and read ( I am not an avid reader) and when I put the book down I feel as if I have accomplished something with my boredom.

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    1. That’s good to know… I read novels sometimes when bored also… It helps a lot.
      Thanks Larry Paul Brown

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  8. mzjolaade says:

    sleep does a lot when boredom kicks in, i eat when sleep doesn’t come lol, wasting tym on social medias especially twitter works so well for me, ofcurs if ders lyt I’d do tv, i sketch too, dats all for me i think


  9. avathenerd says:

    Same. I do all of the things mentioned in this list when I’m bored. Also, I explore the blogging world and discover new, interesting blogs! Great list.


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