Paul and Maxwell haven’t spoken to each other in two or rather a month and all of a sudden Maxwell sends a text message to Paul. This text isn’t an apology one nor a text wanting to settle the quarrel.
Paul is so pissed  because Maxwell is pretending like everything is okay when it really isn’t. After a friend advised him to reply, he gave in….

I’m sure you’re wondering the essence of this short story. Thing is a lot of times, people hurt us in ways you can’t imagine and sometimes we regret knowing them. Its okay to feel that way but when you know you are at fault in whatever it is, here’s a little advice “Don’t pretend like its okay”. 

Taking responsibility for your actions is one way to redeem the relationship(s) you’ve broken. Pretending its okay makes things worse.

If you’re guilty of pretending its okay, take that bold step; apologize, talk to the person about whatever it is that happened.. If you can’t then you can as well continue to live that big lie that everything is okay when it is far from it.

Happy Holidays…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ngumabi says:

    Great advice my dear
    This is very common in relationships be it friends or family
    when you hurt someone and just stay away without talking about it, it doesn’t make it ok
    Time may heal wounds but words of apology sooths the wounds and make them heal faster
    Nice piece!


    1. Thanks Ngumabi…
      Indeed words of apology soothes the wounds and makes them heal faster ๐Ÿ‘


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