Hi everyone, I know I said I would put up the list of TV shows for this month on Thursday but didn’t. I’m really sorry about that.

For the TV show lovers like myself, you should know that a lot of TV shows that stopped airing last month are going to continue this month.

Here’s a list of some and their date of release (some have commenced airing already)…

  1. Homeland: 1st

  2. Blindspot: 4th

  3. Nashville: 5th

  4. Sleepy Hollow: 6th

  5. Grimm: 6th

  6. How To Get Away With Murder: 19th

  7. Scandal: 19th

  8. Grey’s Anatomy: 19th

  9. Quantico: 23rd

  10. Suits : 25th

  11. The Magicians: 25th

  12. Supernatural: 26th

The list goes on and on but here’s where I drop my pen. Don’t forget to mark your calendars 😊….




3 Comments Add yours

  1. mzjolaade says:

    Grey’s anatomy isn’t over yet? It feels lyk I’ve bin watching it forever, not seen d rest altho i want to start scandal tho, too much buzz about it plus kerry Washington z one to watch


    1. I started Scandal but stopped.. Lemme say I got tired… You should see Blindspot


  2. Waiting for quantico and suits..


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