10 Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day



 Hi everyone, this is the first guest post here by my friend Phebe of The Purple Journal.

It is almost Valentine’s day and I am sure most of us would be going out and even if you have no plans to go out, Valentines day is an excuse to dress up and go out. Just in case you don’t know what to wear, help is here!. Whether you are going on a date with ‘boo’ (your boyfriend) or you just going out to chill with your friends, here are 10 outfit ideas to save the day.


1.  In the spirit of valentine, but don’t want to wear red with the crowd? Why not go for wine?.  It is a red dupe. A jumpsuit would be suitable for the occasion.




2. If Valentines day is going to be galentines day with your single girl friends then a metallic dress would do the trick and be the right pick for your outing.



3.  Since this year valentine’s day falls on a weekday (which most people don’t like), you can head to your date straight from work wearing this lace dress.



4. The perfect dress for a date night with bae (boyfriend). It is a killer outfit that would make you feel good about yourself.



5.  Here is a simple option for a toned down look. You really don’t have to go all out on valentine’s day.



6.  Looking for a flirty dress just so you can get your date’s attention? You should opt for this dress. Wearing this dress with  peep-toe heels would definitely slay your look.




7. Wearing pink would also make you look like a valentine’s enthusiastic. If you actually do, pink would be good for you if you don’t want red.



8.  Sequin dress on a date night is a yes for me, shine bright like a diamond because you are in the spirit for love. Sequin dresses can be worn to any occasion and they are just spot on for a valentine’s day date.




9.  This floral dress make you look like a stylish lady without putting an effort. If you are a minimalist chic this floral dress is just for you.



10.  Planning on painting the city red because love is in the air. Wearing a red dress is a good way to show that your are in the spirit of love. This look is everything especially if you are looking for a simple look.


Phebe Olege is the owner of The Purple Journal blog. She is an award winning lifestyle blogger and a fashion blogger.


Happy Valentines Day… Make sure you have fun!!!!








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