I am Deborah Maxwell. I created this blog as a means to network with people and most importantly share my ideas and views about life.

This is a lifestyle and motivational blog. Being a movie lover I give updates on TV series coming out every month. This blog is divide into different labels.

Animal Kingdom: Here I use animals, insects whatever you may categorize them as and lay out certain traits or characters they have and how they can be practicalized as humans.

Art: Am not bragging but I am really good at drawing (though it has been long I’ve done so). I love art works and I display some of them here (not mine though)

Fashion & Fun: Who doesn’t love to dress well and look good? Who also doesn’t want to loosen up a little and relief themselves of stress from the days work?. This category is for you.

Lifestyle & Motivational: This is my main category and I have a lot packed here.

Movies: Like I said earlier, list of TV series and my views on them come out monthly.

Welcome to my world fellas.

Read, soak and enjoy everything here. Don’t read it alone. spread the word!!!